We Fabricate our own molds.There can be compression,transference or injection molds.


Compression mold:
It is the oldest method of fabricating rubber parts and sometimes it is still the best.  This is made just by putting a raw rubber piece into the cavity of the mold, start the press, wait for vulcanization time to be finished and finally remove the part form the mold. MOLDES DE COMPRESION:
An interesting aspect is to fabricate multiple molds ranging from 1 single cavity up to 100 cavities depending on the form and size of the part.

Injection mold:
It is the most advanced method for fabricating rubber parts, this is the result of automatization using injection machines.  A raw rubber piece is put into a piston through a worm gear at a controlled temperature and this is injected to a cavity.

Transference mold:
It is used when the shape of the part gives the possibility of putting the raw rubber piece into the cavity.  The raw rubber is placed in a piston attached to the mold and through one o several holes the raw rubber is injected into the cavity.